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Jiwei Fork Liquid Level Switch Applied in Level Measurement for LNG High Pressure Storage Tank


A company in Chongqing who manufactures LNG filling system and CNG filling machine is a designated enterprise by National Oil Equipment Center. With Jiwei Ring-11 Fork Liquid Level Switch, the company participated a bidding of Sinopec project applied in liquid level measurement for 50 x 104 Nm3/d LNG (Liquid Nature Gas) high pressure storage tanks. Due to the special properties of Liquid Nature Gas, the tenderee placed high requirements to the level meters in the bidding document. For example, the tolerable process pressure must reach to 5.5MPa, Ingress protection must reach to IP65, explosion protection must be certified for Ex d IIB T4, and the measured medium density is 593kg/m3, etc. Jiwei Ring-11 meets all the specifications listed in the bidding document. The company won the bid with Jiwei Ring-11 for its high quality in the end.

 Jiwei Fork Liquid Level Switch Applied in Level Measurement for LNG High Pressure Storage Tank

The final result of the bidding was thrilling, but the bidding process was very competitive. The tenderee carefully compared all participated products from domestic manufacturers and brand names abroad. After comparing every specification and quality with each of participated level meters and considering the severe application conditions onsite, the customer chose Jiwei Ring-11 as the designated level meters for the project in the end. Jiwei Ring-11 won the bidding because its reliability and high quality is comparable to imported brand products while its cost-effective ratio is much higher.

In fact, the technical advantages and excellent quality helped Jiwei Ring-11 Fork Liquid Level Switch win the project. Its specifications meet all the requirements of the project and its high quality and cost effectiveness makes Ring-11 outstand among the similar products in the market.

Comparing table for specifications of project required and Jiwei Ring-11


Project required

Jiwei Ring-11


Measuring density




Process pressure


Max. 6.4MPa



not specific



Ingress protection rating




Explosion protection

Ex d II B T4

Ex d IIC T6 &

Ex ia IIC T6


The level meter in Sinopec project was used for high pressure storage tanks. In terms of required specifications in the bidding document, just the requirement for pressure resistance alone, Jiwei Ring-11 is comparable to brand names abroad and much better than its domestic counterparts (see the comparison table below).  Since the imported brand products are very expensive, and it is a disadvantage for them in terms of cost-effective ratio. That was why Jiwei Ring-11 won the project in the competition with brand level meters from abroad.

Comparison table on pressure resistance:


Pressure resistance

Jiwei Ring-11 Fork Liquid Level Switch

-1~6.4 MPa

Other similar domestic products

-1~4 MPa

Brand products abroad

-1~6.4 MPa

Under 5.5MPa high process pressure, if the installed level meter fails to endure the high pressure, it will lead to fatal leaking accident. Jiwei Ring-11 Fork Liquid Level Switch is designed with an accessory—an airtight insulation sleeve which provides secondary protection for the safety of its application. In case that the probe is damaged due to high pressure or corrosion, the airtight insulation sleeve can prevent liquid flow to the aluminum electronic housing. This is a unique feature to differential Jiwei Ring-11 from its domestic counterparts.

In conclusion, Jiwei Ring-11 won the project is because (1)specifications of Jiwei Ring-11 meets all requirements of the project; (2) a very few domestic products can work reliably under such high pressure and measure liquid with such low density; (3) the imported products are too expensive and not cost effective relative to Ring-11.

After initial installation, Jiwei Ring-11 Fork Liquid Level Switches have been performing excellent in accuracy and reliability so far in the application of the project. Jiwei wins customers trust by the demonstrated high quality of its products.

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