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Business philosophy: Win customers for high quality, win trust for being detail-oriented.

Business strategy: Driven by innovation, Powered by talent. We firmly believe that innovation is the impetus for the development of the company and talents are the greatest wealth of the company which is more valuable than funds and assets.  

Company mission: Devoted to providing customers with the level measurement equipment of highest cost performance that can rival the international well-known brand products in reliability.  

Enterprise spirit: Innovation, perfection, sharing and trust worthiness.

Innovation: Encourage staff to keep learning, respect talents, be brave in freeing their mind, take delight in technical invention and innovation and face all kinds of difficulties confidently and sturdily.

Perfection: Encourage staff to keep improving and be meticulous, as details can decide quality and quality can determine success or failure.

Sharing: Share business achievements with employees and give top priority to employees in profit distribution.

Trust worthiness: It pays to be honest. We highlight sincerity in staff relations and advocate employees derive pleasure from work.

Oath of Jiwei staff: The best or nothing!

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