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  • Jiwei Vibrating Rod Level Switch Gain Trust of HBIS Group
    After the first trial of Jiwei Vibrating Rod Level Switch put into practice, HBIS Group surprisingly found that Jiwei Tube-11 Vibrating Rod Level Switch could operate reliably.
  • Guangdong Tapai Group
    The dust from the external environment has no impact on the instrument, so the reliability and service life of Tube-11 are greatly improved.
  • Jiaozuo Jiangu Cement Co., Ltd
    After applied Jiwei Tube-11 on hoister hoppers, the high reliability and anti-hanging features were highly favoured by the customers.
  • IKEA
    The improvement of Jiwei Magnetic Level Indicator has been praised by all used clients. The sealability of the panel makes the protection rate reach IP67, significantly upgrades the reliability.
  • Guangdong Goworld Lamination Plant
    Jiwei’s new version Magnetic Level Indicator has been applied to Guangdong Goworld Lamination Plant, measuring the liquid level of DNF-butanone toluene in tanks.
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