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Other Industries

  • Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch Applied in Pharmaceutical Extraction
    The special working conditions in pharmaceutical extraction put forward higher requirements for liquid level switch, and Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch fully meets the requirements.
  • Xiamen Tobacco Co., Ltd.
    The company chose Jiwei Explosion-proof Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch for tobacco production line to control the water level system, and replaced all E+H fork level switches.
  • Shandong Liaocheng Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.
    Due to the good adaptability and high reliability in difficult conditions, Tube-11 Vibrating Rod Level Switches are widely favored by Shandong alumina electrolysis industry.
  • Starlite Global Resource
    Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch is able to function reliably at high temperature of 250℃, and the fork body is made of 316L stainless steel, which ensures the instrument works safely and stably in the oil field.
  • Turkey Durko Company
    Based on superior the performance and high reliability of Jiwei products, Durko trusts Jiwei’s high quality, and made bulk purchase on Vibrating Level Switch series and RF Admittance Level Switch series.
  • Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd
    Tube-11 has higher reliability than other international brands’ instrument, so Fujian Zijin Mining changed all UWT level switches to Jiwei Tube-11 Vibrating Rod Level Switch.
  • Guofeng Iron and Steel Company
    Economical Type Magnetic Level Indicator is used by Guofeng to measure the liquid level of 31% hydrochloric acid, so far, the readings are accurate.
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