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Custom Design

R&D Process

We attach importance not only to the results of product R&D but also to the processes of product R&D. We control risks by managing the processes. We introduced R&D processes in the early period of the Company and strictly controlled every detail of them. According to the R&D process, new product must be tested and certified by the third party before formally put into production. We firmly believe that scientific management is not only a prerequisite to create high-quality products but also the fundamental way to improve business efficiency.

The R&D process of Jiwei is as follows:

 R&D process of Jiwei

Customized Service

R&D is the core business of Jiwei. We use our existing product and technology platform while implementing our product R&D plans, to provide customers with flexible and quick product customization service by following the service procedures as below.

Service procedures of Jiwei

Online Service
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