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Chemical Industry

LIER-Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

LIER-Chemical Group headquartered in Sichuan Province. The employees are more than 800 people, has a large number of highly experienced workers, which is the largest pesticide enterprises in Sichuan Province, their products export to all over the world.        

Product: Ring-11 Liquid Level SwitchMagnetic Level Indicator

Application: As the world’s second and China largest producer of chlorinated pyridine herbicides and pesticide, LIER-Chemical Group purchased Jiwei’s flame-proof Ring-11 Liquid Level Switches and Flap-11 Magnetic Level Indicators as their main level measurement equipments. The company applied Ring-11 and Flap-11 to the pipe of pump protection system and the level measurement of pesticide storage tank, solving the problem of mounting the instruments at constrict space well.

Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch applied in Lier Chemical Group

Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch applied in Lier Chemical Group

 Magnetic Level Indicator appiled in Lier Chemical Group

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