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Application of Ring-21 Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch in Water Level Control of Rolling Furnace

In the area of metallurgical industry, a rolling furnace is an equipment (industrial furnace) that heats materials (generally metal) to a certain temperature of rolling and forging. The purpose is to heat the billet to a uniform temperature that is suitable for rolling. With increasing temperature, the plasticity of steel can be improved, the deformation resistance can be reduced, so the steel is easy to deform; on the other hand, the heating can improve internal structure and performance of billet; with good heating quality, steel can easily obtain accurate geometric dimensions. In order to maintain the long-term and effective usage of a rolling furnace, it is important to monitor the level, temperature and pressure of water. So, it is necessary to select a reliable liquid level measuring instrument.  

To ensure steel quality, the heating operation rules of Shandong Laigang Yongfeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. are strict, and they also attach great importance to the control of water level. Because water content in furnace is related to production safety, at low liquid level, the furnace dry runs and may cause equipment explosion; at high liquid level, there is a potential danger of high steam pressure. Specifically, the client hopes water pump can inject water into the furnace when at low level alarm, and stop injecting when reaches high level alarm. Thus, tuning fork liquid level switch is the optimal choice for the application.

Application of ring-21 tuning fork liquid level switch in water level control of Rolling furnace

Because production safety is crucial, the client requires high reliability in the instruments. After comparing specific application conditions, reliability and cost performance, the client decided to select Jiwei Ring-21 Compact Liquid Level Switch that was recommended by experienced engineer as well. So far, all Ring-21 instruments have been running well since they were put into use.

Most tuning fork liquid level switches in the market use the principle of changing amplitude to detect, and the instrument itself is universally suitable for solid and liquid. This kind of liquid level switch generally has a long and thick fork body, and has low reliability and limited application (cannot be used in pipelines and narrow space).

Although some brands of tuning fork liquid level switches are in good quality, they are expensive and have long delivery periods. Besides, some complicated applications or technical problems cannot be solved by technical engineers, so the after-sales service also cannot be guaranteed.

Ring-21 is an economical compact tuning fork liquid level switch. It is designed with a lightweight compact structure with the fork body 38 mm long, the total length 160.5 mm and the maximum diameter 31.5mm. Ring-21 is especially suitable for liquid level measurement in pipelines and narrow space. It can tolerate foam, air bubbles, higher viscosity and vibration disturbance. Particularly it is a better choice for small containers or tanks within constricted space. It is also based on the principle that the vibrating frequency changes when the fork body is immersed into the measured medium. The measurable density can be as low as 0.7g/cm³.

Currently, all Jiwei Ring-21 Compact Liquid Level Switches have been applied to Yongfeng steel of Shandong Laigang. The excellent quality, stable performance and high cost performance of Ring-21 have convinced the client.

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