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Jiwei Sanitary Tuning Fork Level Switches Applied in Liquor Industry

There are various level switch brands in the market, the reason why Jiwei sanitary liquid level switch is widely popular in liquor industry is inseparable from its unique advantages.

Most tuning fork switches in the market are used for both solid and liquid. However, due to different density and working conditions of medium, the fork body is generally designed 100 mm in length to achieve the universal usage, which downgrades technical parameters and reliability, so the instrument outputs false alarm signals frequently.Besides, the surface of fork body gets rough over time, results in low sanitary level and unsuitable for the application in food industry.

The Ring-11 Sanitary Liquid Level Switch produced by Shenzhen Jiwei Automations Ltd. is a special instrument for liquid level measurement,its each performance index is extremely in line with the requirements of liquor level measurement, and with following advantages:

1. The surface finish Ra<0.5μm, which meets the standard of food safety.

2. The compact fork body is only 40mm long, which is especially suitable for liquid level measurement in narrow space.

3. After precise tuning, the two forks are completely symmetrical with completely consistent vibration and higher sensitivity. The measurable medium density is as low as 0.5g/cm³, which can be applied to liquid level measurement of most liquids, and fully meet the measurement requirements of medium density of 0.89-0.95g/cm³ liquor.

4. The design based on the changing detection frequency has strong anti-interference ability,suitable for the applications under complicated working conditions where the measured liquid is easy to foaming, bubbling or with high viscosity and under vibration disturbance environment etc.

5. With better anti-corrosion performance (316L material) and high temperature resistant design is adopted. The process temperature can reach 250 degrees.

6. With higher intrinsically safe and explosion-proof certification (Flame-proof: Ex D IIC T6; Intrinsically Safe: Ex ia IIC T6), more safe and more reliable.

7. Compared with similar products of imported brands, Ring-11 has higher price performance. 

A well-known Laobaigan liquor company in Hebei made a detailed comparison of various tuning fork liquid level switches in the market, it is considered that the performance of Jiwei liquid level switches is more excellent than others, and the quality is completely comparable to the imported products and also with a reasonable price. For the project, 44 pieces of Ring-11 Sanitary Liquid Level Switches for liquor storage tanks have been purchased by the client. In the follow-up and return visit to the client, he reported that all tuning fork liquid level switches have been working stably and reliably without false alarm, which effectively guarantees the production progress.

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