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Chemical Industry

Dezhou Shihua Chemical Co., Ltd.

Dezhou Shihua Chemical Co. Ltd is a state-owned enterprise.The main annual production capacity: 400 thousand tons of ionic membrane caustic soda, 360 thousand tons of PVC resin, annual sales revenue is up to 3 billion RMB.

Product:Tube-11 Vibrating Rod Level Switch,  Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch,  Fork-11 Tuning Fork Level switch

Application: A subsidiary company of China National Chemical National Corperation, Shihua Chemical Company, has purchased Jiwei vibrating rod level switches, tuning fork level switches and tuning fork liquid level switches, which are mainly used in productions of chemicals, such as PVC resin, caustic soda, plastic and so forth. High reliability of Jiwei products gained customers’ trust and resulted in new orders made by Shihua Chemical Company for puchasing high-temperature fork liquid level switches in later the year, also, all of FineTek instruments are switching to Jiwei products by Shihua Chemical Company.

Tube-11 Vibrating Rod Level Switch applied in Shihua

Tube-11 Vibrating Rod Level Switch applied in Shihua

Product:  Magnetic Level Indicator (Flap-11 A, S, P)

Application: Shihua Chemical Company has installed Jiwei Magnetic Level Indicators over 200 pieces, which were used for new ionic Membrane electrolysis technology industrialization experiment project, with manufacturing capacity of 400,000 tons / year. So far, all indicators in this project runs well, no malfunction occurs.

Magnetic Level Indicator applied in Shihua

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