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Chemical Industry

Hebei Shenghua Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Product: Rada-11 Pulse Radar Level Meter

Application: As Rada-11 Pulse Rada Level Meters are favoured by Hebei Shenghua Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Jiwei gains the satisfaction of client, and the company made bulk purchase again for sewage plant measurement.

Shenghua Fatory

Product: Flap-11S Economical Type Magnetic Level Indicator

Application: From summarizing common faults of all Magnetic Level Indicators, Jiwei combines clients’ demands to improve the sealability of Magnetic Level Indicator, making the protection rate reach IP67, which significantly reduces the faults caused by panel sealability. This design shows notable advantage of Jiwei Magnetic Level Indicator, and favoured by the customers.

Flap-11S Economical Type Magnetic Level Indicator applied in Shenghua

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