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Environment Protection

Outstanding Performance of RF Admittance Level Switch in Electrostatic Precipitator in Fujian Longhu

Fujian Longhu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a member of Environmental Protection Industry Association China, and a board member of Environmental Protection Industry Association Fujian. It is a backbone enterprise in environmental protection and also a high-tech enterprise in Fujian Province. It is a designated company in National Torch Program, and a project undertaker in National Key New Product Plan Program. The company is with strong technical capability in electromechanical integrated design and manufacturing. Its main product includes electrostatic precipitators, dust removal bags, high pressure and low pressure control systems for dust removal and other air pollution control equipment. The company keeps science and technology as its leading force and owns multiple innovative techniques.

Selected product:Jiwei RF Admittance Level Switch

Performance:Jiwei Cape-11 RF Admittance Level Switches have replaced the well-known brand RF admittance level switches from Shanghai in Fujian Longhu Environmental Protection Technology Company thanks to its advantages such as external LED with higher brightness, modular internal circuit design etc. It has been applied in large amount for electrostatic precipitator project in power plants. It is highly reliable, with large redundancy for material buildup, can effectively avoid false alarms.

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