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Environment Protection

Fujian Longhu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Fujian Longhu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise of Chinese Environmental Protection Industry Association, a Fujian province environmental protection key enterprise, a national Torch Plan host, and national Key New Product Projects host. Longhu has strong technical foundation, professional design and manufacture of electromechanical integrated electrostatic precipitators, dust bag filters, dust removal control system and air pollution control equipment. The company adheres to the modern science and technology, and invents a number of own innovative technologies.

Products: Cape-11 RF Admittance Level Switch

Application:The advantages of Jiwei Cape-11 RF Admittance Level Switch’s external LED display and the unique design of internal circuit gain clients’ favor, so the clients make Jiwei products to replace a well-known Shanghai brand’s admittance switch. Also, a large number of Cape-11 are applied in the electric bag dust removal project at power plant. Cape-11 is reliable measure equipment, has strong resistance to hanging material, and avoids false alarm effectively.

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