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Environment Protection

Kelin Environmental Protection Equipment, Inc.

Jiangsu Kelin Group Co., Ltd., was established in April, 1979, which specializes in constructing project for environmental protection and manufacturing environmental protection equipment in the range of atmosphere pollution treatment, and design and fabrication of thin plate structure products in industry and building material glass furnace shell. Kelin group has cooperation relationship with nearly 10 international famous environmental designing and engineering companies. The products have sold to as far as Japan, USA, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, India.


Products: Cape-11 RF Admittance Level Switch, Tube-11 Vibrating Level Switch

Application: Tube-11 Vibrating Level Switches are being applied to Semi-dry Desulfurization Systems, and replace Vega equipment. Cape-11 RF Admittance Level Switches are widely used in Electric Bag Precipitation and Pneumatic Ash Conveying System. All instruments run well and gain clients’ trust.

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