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Food Processing

Guangzhou Tinder co., Ltd

Guangzhou Tinder co., Ltd was founded in 1995. After nearly twenty years of development and growth, has now become one of the feed mill machinery suppliers in China, the business covers feed machinery and engineering, food machinery and engineering, transportation equipment and engineering, steel structure engineering, automation control technology and engineering, product development and manufacturing engineering.

Products: Rotary Paddle Switch, RF Admittance Level Switch

Applications: Jiwei Rotary Paddle Switches and RF Admittance Level Switches are applied respectively to raw material bins and ingredient bins. The impact of Rotary Paddle Switch is taken into consideration, because the install position is a cone shape hopper and suffers material filling impact. So the current detection on low level of ingredient bins are used for RF Admittance Level Switches, and on the high level of the bins are used Rotary Paddle Switches.

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