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Food Processing

Shanghai Haocheng Food Compan

Shanghai Haocheng Food Company belongs to Hongkong Dacheng Sugar Holdings Ltd, the total investment amount up to $18 million. The factory was founded in 1998, is located in Shanghai Economic Development Zone, Minhang. At the beginning of establishment, the company determined to make efforts in the East China market, and become the most professional and competitive producer and supplier of starch sugar in only five years.

Product: Tube-11 Vibrating Level Switch, Ring-21 Compact Liquid Level Switch

Application: Tube-11 and Ring-11 have been applied in the starch sugar raw material storage tanks and reaction tanks separately, to control and monitor automatic production. Ring-21 Compact Liquid Level Switch not only solves the measurement difficulty of viscous liquid medium, but also provides an ideal measurement solution to customers, with less maintenance costs and simple operations.

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