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Ship Bilge Level Control of Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch

The liquid level control equipment of ship bilge are generally installed in ship engine room. The engine room contains main marine engines, auxiliary power devices, steam boilers, ventilation devices, compressed air devices, marine pumps, pipework, water-based firefighting system, as well as automation system, etc. These electromechanical power equipment are all in a narrow engine room, producing interference signals. However, some liquid level switches cause false alarm due to the signal interference, which put a great test to reliable liquid control equipment, because in many cases the consequences of control equipment malfunction may be disastrous. 

Ship Bilge Level Control of Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch
In addition, an engine room and the associated machinery spaces are hazardous areas and even in the best-run vessels, great care must be taken to avoid accidents. As well as being a noisy, hot, and vibration affected workspace, engine and machinery layouts mean constricted passageways, stairs, obstructions and exposed pipes, cabling, and other hazards. The vibration and hazard working condition can also affect the accurate measurement of the liquid control equipment.

Because the environment in an engine room is usually hot, humid and noisy, a normally unmanned engine room is a considerable benefit for the engineering crew. So the reliable liquid control equipment play a significant role in this situation.
Ship Bilge Level Control of Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch
After carefully comparing the parameters and performance indexes, the user found that Jiwei Ring-11 Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch fully meets the design requirements and the working conditions:

● With only 40mm fork length, specially designed for pipelines and other applications with constricted space.
● High sensitivity due to the precisely pre-adjusted harmonic resonant frequency of fork, the lowest measurable medium density can be as low as 0.5g/cm³.
● With strong disturbance resistance ability, not influenced by foam, bubbles, viscosity, vibration and other liquid characteristics.
● Industry-leading performance for high temperature working environment. Process temperature can reach up to 250℃.
● Four optional outputs: relay output, two-wire system, NAMUR and transistor.
● Passed SIL2 / SIL3 Functional Safety Assessment, as well as certified for both Intrinsic Safety and Flameproof Enclosure explosion protection.
● High reliability due to the detection of vibration frequency.

After comprehensive comparison, the user first purchased Ring-11 Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch in small batch. After all the instruments have run for a period, the stability, safety and reliability have convinced the user. The high cost performance ratio makes the user decide to establish a long-term relationship with Jiwei.

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