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Jiwei Uson-21  Flame-proof Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Got Flame-proof Certification


Currently, Jiwei Uson-21  Flame-proof Ultrasonic Level Transmitter passed a series of tests and evaluations by the National Explosion-proof Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and got Flame-proof Certificate with the explosion-proof rank of Ex D II C T6 Gb. The tests include structure inspection, temperature detection, thermal drastic change test, heat and cold resistance test, impact resistance test, housing protection grade test, housing pressure test, Non-Propagation Test of Internal Ignition, combustion resistance test, and so on.

According to the regulations of flammable and combustible industrial areas, the flame-proof level of Uson-21 Flame-proof Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is designed to the highest level——T6, to ensure the safety in dangerous working environment. In addition, Uson-21 is also a dustproof and waterproof instrument with the Ingress Protection level of IP66/67. The transducer of anti-corrosive type Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is made of PVDF material to adapt to corrosive liquid. All the above features make Uson-21 widely used in hazardous areas, such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, food processing and other chemical manufacturing industries.

Jiwei Uson-21 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Got Flame-proof Certification

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