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Jiwei Successfully Solves the Problem of Liquid Chlorine Measurement


In December 2017, a leakage accident of liquid chlorine from a magnetic level indicator occurred in a chemical plant in Shandong Province caused great attention by relevant department . By investigating and analyzing the cause, found the direct cause of the leakage accident was the liquid chlorine seeping from lining pipe due to the improper selection of lining materials ( chose PTFE plastic pipe as lining material).The chemical plant has thoroughly compared the domestic main brand of magnetic level indicator,  decided chose Jiwei Flap-11Pb magnetic level indicator (lined with FEP) to be the anti-corrosive level measure instrument.

Jiwei Successfully Solves the Problem of Liquid Chlorine Measurement

As a national high-tech enterprise specializing in liquid level and material level control instruments, Jiwei has been insisting on independent R&D and innovation in the production of various level measurement instruments, including magnetic level indicator. Based on the liquid level measurement of strong molecule permeable medium such as liquid chlorine and bromine water,     Jiwei has been successfully developed Flap-11Pb magnetic level indicator that lined with FEP. The anticorrosion characteristics of Flap-11Pb are similar to those of PTFE lined magnetic level indicator, it can be used to measure most corrosive liquids including liquid chlorine and bromine water without seeping phenomenon. Besides, Flap-11Pb can be used in the pressure range of 0-1.6MPa, and works reliably under the temperature range of - 85 - 120 C in a long term.

Since Flap-11Pb magnetic level indicators were put into use in Shandong Chemical Plant for more than one year, all the instruments has been running steadily and reliably without any seeping, and has been highly recognized by users.

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