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Jiwei’s New Design —— An 400℃ Ultra-high Temperature Vibrating Rod Level Switch


Based on the market demand, Jiwei has newly developed an ultra-high temperature vibrating rod level switch. This type of vibrating rod level switch is featured with the function of water cooling (air cooling) and is able to work reliably under ultra-high temperature conditions that up to 400℃. This new design has applied for the national patent.

Jiwei’s New Design —— An 400℃ Ultra-high Temperature Vibrating Rod Level Switch

In modern industrial and agricultural production, it is necessary to control the storage of plastic particles, grain, coal powder, flour and other particles or powder solids, which requires to detect the exact location of materials. However, due to the limited structure of the existing vibrating rod level switch, its piezoelectric ceramic and high-temperature wires is not able to withstand the process temperature that above 250 ℃, so somehow restricts its application.

For a better solution, an ultra-high temperature vibrating rod level switch with water cooling (air cooling) function has been developed by Jiwei. This instrument includes sleeve pipe and its pedestal, process connection, air/water intake and vent components. The holes of air/water intake and vent on process connection is equipped with capillary copper tube and clamp sleeve. The air or water flow enters the inside of the vibrating rod level switch through the capillary copper tube, and lowers the temperature to 250℃ below by the air or water flow, to meet the piezoelectric ceramic and high temperature wires allowable working temperature. This design makes the vibrating rod level switch can operate reliably at a temperature up to 400℃, and significantly expands its application field.

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