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Fork-11 Level Switch Successfully Applied in the Measurement of Fumed Silica


The level measurement of fumed silica has always been difficulty and a problem in the industry until Jiwei Fork-11 tuning fork level switch has been successfully applied in various fumed silica projects.

Level switch is usually installed in the tank to measure and control the material level during the process of fumed silica storage, so as to avoid environmental pollution and production waste caused by overflow accident. However, it is difficult to accurately measure the level of fumed silica because of its low density (0.01 ~ 0.03g/cm³), smaller particle size, easier dust emission and lower dielectric constant, which distresses many clients. But nowadays, the successful application of Jiwei Fork-11 tuning fork level switch in many fumed silica projects in Xinjiang, Jiangsu and other areas is making this situation be a history. These success applications are inseparable from the unique characteristics and advantages of Fork-11.

Fork-11 Level Switch Successfully Applied in the Measurement of Fumed Silica

Firstly, Fork-11reliability of operationis not affected by dielectric constant.

Fork-11 tuning fork level switch is based on the sensing principle of whether the fork resonance is destroyed or not, and the vibration is driven by piezoelectric ceramics, which is not related to material dielectric constant. Therefore, even the dielectric constant of fumed silica is relatively low and variable, but the switch reliability of operation will be not affected.

Secondly, the lowest measurable density of Fork-11 is 8g/l (0.008g/cm³).

Fork-11 tuning fork level switch adopts wide but thin-fork structure and it is precisely tuned. The vibration characteristics of the two forks are completely symmetrical and can achieve complete resonance. The fork has the highest sensitivity to the damage of resonance state, and be able to realize the level measurement of ultra-low density powder(0.008g/cm³).At the same time, the sensitivity can be adjusted according to the specific gravity of different materials.

Finally, Fork-11 has excellent anti-hanging feature.

After precise tuning, Fork-11 has great anti-hanging material redundancy. In some special conditions, if the phenomenon of “serious scarring” occurs on fork body for some strong adhesive material, then it is suggested to install a blow sweeping device for the fork body, which can thoroughly solve the problem.

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