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Well-known Japanese Flowmeter Enterprise Visits Jiwei to Negotiate Cooperation


Recently, a well-known Japanese flowmeter enterprise appointed the leaders of its International Business Department and Beijing Branch to visit Shenzhen Jiwei Automations Ltd. to discuss cooperation matters. Dr. Huang, Jiwei general manager, and Mr. Jiang, Jiwei marketing department manager, warmly received and held friendly conversations with the guests.
Meanwhile, Dr. Huang introduces Jiwei’s product, R&D and production capacity in detail, and also discusses the further direction and mode of cooperation between the two sides. Through friendly negotiations, the two sides both reach a number of consensus on future cooperation.

Accompanied by Dr. Huang, the guests visits product laboratories, R&D centers, testing centers, production and assembly workshops and so on. The guests highly appraises the instrument quality, its cost performance,  and R&D potentiality. The guests are impressed by the strict quality control philosophy. As expected, the guests are confident in the development prospects and cooperation between the two sides.

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