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Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch Widely Applied in Pump Protection System


On its liquid level switch high performance-price ratio and high condition-matched feature, Jiwei has won several pipeline measurement projects of pump protection system in past months. 
In petrochemical industry, pump protection system mainly plays the role of conveying liquid and providing pressure and flow in the production process. Liquid level switch is usually installed in the pipeline and output the corresponding signal to keep the pump protection system operating normally. So, the reliability of liquid level switch directly affects the daily operation of the whole pump protection system. Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch Widely Applied in Pump Protection System
Usually,the space of pipeline is narrow, and oil substances is flammable and explosive, so higher requirements for the measuring instrument is suggested. Jiwei Ring-11 liquid level switchis a high-reliable and compact level switch designed with only 40 mm length of the fork body. Also, Ring-11 is particularly aimed to measure the level of low density liquid with the lowest measurable density of 0.5g/cm³, and it is certificated with high Explosion-proof grade (EX d IIC T6, EX ia IIC T6).

Currently, Jiwei Ring-11 liquid level switch is widely used in pump protection systems in various industries, its stable and reliable performance are well recognized by users.

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