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Jiwei Obtained the First Batch of Financing Aid from SSTIC


On the list of funded enterprises in the 2019 R & D funding plan announced by SSTIC (Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission) on June 1st, 2020, Shenzhen Jiwei Automations Ltd. won the first batch of qualification. Generally, this is the second year in a row and the third time that Jiwei obtains R & D funding from SSTIC.

From establishment, Jiwei has obtained a number of achievements in R & D projects in Magnetic Level Indicator, Ultrasonic Level Transmitter and Vibrating Rod Level Switch. Since these instruments were put into market, with the excellent design and superior quality, all have performed well in complex environments such as high temperature, strong corrosivity, flammability and explosion conditions.

Jiwei Obtained the First Batch of Financing Aid from SSTIC

In fact, at the beginning of the establishment, Jiwei has been attaching great importance to technological innovation and product R & D, and dedicating to manufacts high cost-effective level measuring instruments with high reliability as a mission. With innovative passion, Jiwei has obtained 3 invention patents and more than 10 utility model patents.

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