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Jiwei Starts Products SIL certification


Recently, in response to the requirements of clients and to improve overall safety management, Jiwei starts the SIL certification on related products.

SIL (Safety Integrity Level) - A quantitative target for measuring the level of performance needed for safety function to achieve a tolerable risk for a process hazard. In the functional safety standards based on the IEC 61508 standard by the International Electrotechnical Commission, four SILs are defined, with SIL 4 the most dependable and SIL 1 the least. Defining a target SIL level for the process should be based on the assessment of the likelihood that an incident will occur and the consequences of the incident. The following table describes SIL for different modes of operation.
Jiwei Starts Products SIL certification
Today, most industrial production is performed by automated product manufacturing systems. Although this means there are fewer opportunities for injuries to people, they still exist. There are additional risks that industrial product manufacturers must contend with as well. These include risks to manufacturing process, equipment, and the environment. To avoid situations that can escalate into contingencies such as these, many industrial operations institute safety-related systems.

SIL using requirements grouped into two broad categories: hardware safety integrity and systematic safety integrity. A device or system must meet the requirements for both categories to achieve a given SIL. Successfully contending with these potential factory contingencies means performing risk analysis and instituting a risk management plan. As stated above, a primary factor of the SIL associated with an industrial process risk or hazard is how often it may occur. Depending upon the likelihood of occurrence, which is directly related to the SIL, the quality and reliability of risk management plan can be critical. Failure could mean downtime, loss of productivity, equipment damage, or even loss of life.
Jiwei Starts Products SIL certification

When installing a SIL certified level sensor, the installation is certified regarding safety and process. Jiwei hopes through carrying the SIL certification to enrich product safety design experience, and to improve related product safety level and further standardize product R & D process, so that Jiwei can continuously provide safer and more reliable products for clients. 

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