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Jiwei Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switches Widely Applied in Complex Conditions


Recently, an application proves that Jiwei Ring-11 Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switches have good performance, work stably and reliably in the measurement of high viscosity glue level which has been highly appreciated by the clients. 

In fact, other than the liquid level measurement of glue, Ring-11 Liquid Level Switches have excellent performance in complex conditions such as high temperature and high pressure ambience, highly corrosive liquid, pipeline measurement of pump protection system, as well as food and pharmaceutical industry with high hygiene requirements. Worth to say, Ring-11 has SIL2/SIL3 Certification as well as NAMUR output for optional selection.

The harmonic resonant frequency of its tuning fork has been precisely pre-adjusted to achieve high sensitivity so the lowest measurable density can be as low as 0.5g/cm³. The viscosity range of the measurable medium is 0.1 ~ 10000cps, suitable for the applications under complicated working conditions where measured liquid is easy to foaming, bubbling or with high viscosity and under vibration disturbance environment, etc. 

Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch strictly accordance with the requirements of IEC 61508, passed through both SIL and CE certifications, and Ring-11 certified for both Intrinsic Safety (Ex ia IIC T6~T1 Ga) and Flameproof Enclosure (Ex d IIC T6~T1 Gb) explosion protection. The high Ingress Protection Level of IP66 / IP67 had enhanced the excellent sealing performance. The special setting of gas-tight leadthrough makes Ring-11 effectively prevent accidental leakage from high-pressure strong corrosive liquids.  The electronic part of Ring-11 has been modularized, which greatly improves the reliability, extends the service life and simplifies the maintenance while users can just directly replace the circuit module.

Ring-11 Food-grade Liquid Level Switch adopts clamp type process connection, and the surface finish Ra<0.5μm, which is especially suitable for liquid level measurement in food industry and pharmaceutical industry.

The tuning forks are made of 316L, and can be chosen from PFA、ECTFE and Enamel coating when measuring the level of highly corrosion liquids.

Ring-11 Liquid Level Switch can also operate in high temperature working environment. The process temperature can reach up to 250℃. And, there are four optional outputs: relay output, two-wire system, NAMUR and transistor.

Since establishment, Jiwei has been offering customers with the most cost-effective made-in-China level measuring instruments with high reliability comparable to international famous brand products, as well as providing professional and optimal level measuring solutions.

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