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Spin -11A Standard Type

Spin-11 Rotary Paddle Switch series uses micro-motor to drive the transmission shaft through the clutch. When paddle is not covered by material, motor is under normal operation; when paddle covered by material, motor stops rotating and switches off its power, then detection device outputs a switching signal to control material delivery. Rotary paddle switch is widely used in modern industrial production processes and warehouse departments.


Spin -11 Rotary Paddle Switch series adopts famous brand motor, micro switch and bearing, and is designed with unique process details. To ensure all products have high reliability, the production process and quality inspection are being strictly controlled. Compared to the same instruments of other famous rival brands, Jiwei Spin-11 Rotary Paddle Switch has the following advantages:

  Famous brand motor, micro switch and bearing.

  Anti - loosening structure design.

  Ingress protection to IP65.

  Dual bearing design, stable in operation and durable in service.

  Integrated design of motor and mechanical control, simple maintenance and replacement.

  Made of 304 stainless steel.


In order to adapt to different conditions, Spin -11 Rotary Paddle Switch series divides into the following two types:

 Spin -11A Standard Type: For most bulk solid powder measurement

 Spin-11P Guard Type: Equipped with protection tube, for the measurement of high density bulk solid.

  • Spin -11A Standard Rotary Paddle Switch
    Spin -11A Standard Rotary Paddle Switch

     Purchased high quality key parts such as motor, micro switch and bearing from international market.

     Dual bearing design, stable operation and long life time in service.

     With gas and dust explosion proof certificates, applicable in a wide range.

     Integrated design and anti-loose mechanical mechanism, easy for maintenance and parts replacement.

     Made of 304/316L stainless steel.

     IP65 Ingress Protection rating.

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