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Uson-31 Ultrasonic Level Transducer

  • Uson-31 Ultrasonic Level Transducer
    Uson-31 Ultrasonic Level Transducer

     With three selectable measurement range, including 5 meters, 10 meters and 15 meters.

     Certified for CE certificates and high level of Flame-Proof Enclosure explosion protection: Ex d II C T6 Gb.

     With temperature compensation function, offers high accuracy and strong adaptability.

     RS-485 communication interface to reach real time monitoring, convenient and efficient.

     Special echo signal processing algorism is used, can effectively avoid false echo wave.

     Ingress Protection rating of the transducer is up to IP68, while the transmitter is IP65.

     Preventing strong corrosion with PVDF transducer.

     For harsh conditions. The transducer andtransmitter can be installed separately.

     Convenient operation on language setting.

     Contactless measurement ensures no wear during operation and minimizes maintenance costs.

     EMC design of the product complies with IEC61000-4 (GB/T 17626.2) standard in EFT (LT: A), ESD (LT: A) and surge.

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